Blocked Drains

Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains on Garbage Disposal

Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains on Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is an excellent appliance at home that makes household chores a lot easier and convenient. However, it requires regular maintenance and proper usage in order to prevent it from breaking down and for suffering from blocked drains. Proper maintenance is also important to lengthen the life of the appliance and also to avoid spending unnecessarily on plumbers for the repairs. 

Having a clogged drain is a big inconvenience and having the garbage disposal repaired can be expensive. The good news is that, there are ways for you to avoid the hassles of a blocked drain and calling a plumber or boiler repairs technician.  Keep your appliance well maintained by doing these simple techniques and you can be sure that it will work properly. 

  • Keep your garbage disposal clean. After washing the dishes, pour some dishwashing soap and cold water on the appliance and let it run for a minute or two. This will remove excess food particles on the appliance and will keep it thoroughly clean.
  • Use your garbage disposal appliance regularly to prevent it from developing rust or corrosion. It will also ensure that all parts are moving and will prevent the accumulation of grime and particles.
  • To keep the bad smell on your garbage disposal, grind some citrus fruit peelings such as oranges or lemons. This will freshen up your appliance and will drive the unbecoming odor related to waste products.
  • Avoid feeding large amount of garbage into the appliance. Cut huge pieces into smaller ones to prevent the appliance from breaking down. Also, avoid grinding materials such as metal, plastic or even paper especially the hard ones like cardboard.
  • You should never feed anything combustible to the appliance nor cigarette butts.
  • To prevent clogging, do not pour used cooking oil or grease into the garbage disposal. Collect them in a can or bottle then dispose them in the garbage bin.